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Some companies need Test Equipment while others are looking for cash from their unneeded equipment. We have a fair amount of unneeded equipment as well. If you would like to feature your equipment in a 1st place organic just send an email to Randy Yousey, CEO/President of Custom Cal at  or test 908-328-3663 See our SEO for yourself, just Google BUY 86142B .. We also perform NIST Traceable calibration to add value to your equipment! Here is one beautiful & fully loaded OSA, the Cadillac of the Agilent / Keysight Line: 86141B SPECTRUM ANALYZER OPT 001, 002, 006 priced to sell at $17,500.00


Custom Calibration Solutions Capabilities Expand to Calibrate IR / Thermal Imaging Devices

Fluke 279


Custom Calibration Solutions has extended its reach in the calibration industry by having the capabilities to calibrate IR cameras, IR thermometers and other thermal imaging devices.  We have noticed that the demand for infrared calibrations has been on the rise as of recent events and want to give you the opportunity to make sure your IR devices are working properly.  We guarantee that with our team of experts, that your infrared cameras and thermometers are working reliably and accurately with our NIST traceable calibrations.  We calibrate just about any IR camera and IR thermometer out on the market today with prices that won’t empty your wallet including but not limited to the following.


  • 279
  • 561
  • 568
  • 572
  • 59
  • 61
  • 62
  • 63
  • 64
  • 68IS
  • VT04


  • TG54
  • TG165
  • TG167
  • TG297


  • 479
  • 800



Please feel free to contact us at our New Jersey, Florida or Oregon labs if you have any questions or are interested in getting your equipment calibrated.  You can reach us at, We look forward to hearing from you.

86140 Series Display Repairs

Finding a reliable team of expert technicians and engineers to repair your fiber optic equipment can be almost impossible.  Luckily, here at Custom Calibration Solutions, we have an amazing team with the experience and capability to calibrate and repair your fiber optic gear.


One of the many optical spectrum analyzer models that we work on frequently is the Agilent 86140 series optical spectrum analyzer.  A frustrating issue to run into is when your display up and quits on you.  Sure, you can resort to dragging out and hooking up an external display taking up even more space or you end up putting the unit on a shelf to collect dust.

Stop the frustration and let us breathe life back into that 81640 Series at competitive prices.  Once your unit arrives at any of our locations, one of our experts will troubleshoot / diagnose your equipment and repair your display. If any of our technicians discovers other issues such as error codes or if the unit does not meet specifications, we have the capabilities to repair virtually any other problem your equipment has and verify your unit meets the manufacture’s specifications with a fresh calibration that guarantees your equipment is working as good as the day it was manufactured.

You shouldn’t have to stress over working with faulty equipment, let us relieve your stress and get your Agilent 86140 series optical spectrum analyzer working good as new.

Custom Calibration Solutions provides sales and service for a wide range of electronic, optical and mechanical instruments.  We also sell and rent new and pre-owned equipment as well as offer finance.

No matter your needs, reach out to us by clicking on this link  We look forward to hearing from you.


Custom Cal Proud to be Komshine North American Distribution Center

We  are proud to be the Komshine north American service center and to represent and distribute the Komshine line under our brand name Global Tech Solutions (GTS) a Custom Calibration Solutions division.  Custom-Cal GTS will offer best in class warranty and after sales repair and 1st level support along with direct access to factory engineers as required.   We are selling equipment for fiber cleaning, fiber OTDR, visual fault finder, passive Identifiers.  Some examples are in the following:

Komshine KPM-25

  • KPM-25 power meter
  • KFI-35 passive identifier
  • KFI-40 passive identifier
  • KFL-10 VFL  (quoted the most powerful unit good for 30KM)
  • KCC-600 cleaner
  • KFL-11P VFL  (quoted the most powerful unit good for 30KM)
  • GX-37 splicer (quoted the Kit price)
  • QX50-S OTDR-S (Quoted the SM, 1310/1550nm, 32/30dB, 130km, FC, SC,LC connector )
  • QX50-S OTDR-M (Quoted the MM,850/1300nm,18/12dB,10Km,FC,SC,LC connector)
  • QX50-S OTDR-MS (quoted SM&MM,850/1310/1550nm, 32/30/28dB,130km, FC, SC,LC connector)
  • QX-45  ODTR (Palm OTDR,SM,1310/1550nm, 32/30dB, SC,FC connector, with VFL function, kit include launch cable box SM 500m free of charge)

Komshine QX50-S OTDR-S

If you would like to see all we offer, please click the link below.

Custom Calibration Consignment Sales

Do you have excess test equipment that’s collecting dust because you cannot find a buyer that will pay a reasonable price, or maybe you have equipment that no longer works properly.  Here at Custom Calibration Solutions, we repair, calibrate, and sell a wide variety of equipment, whether it be AC/DC, RF, fiber optics, physical dimensional equipment etc, through our consignment program.

Consignment sales are a great option because they typically bring higher returns than trying to sell your equipment at auctions or as in-house sales. If you use our test equipment consignment and refurbishment services, we can help you clear some space off of your shelves and sell your test equipment, for the best price, to a wide variety of qualified commercial customers who are interested in high quality test instrumentation.

This sales effort is crafted based on the specific models you have and because we have a strong reach in the test instrument industry, we will target specific users in need of your equipment which gives you the optimum investment recovery on your equipment.  We have a strong SEO and a large reach on Google so your equipment gets seen by a multitude of eager buyers looking to buy your test equipment.  Consignment sales makes getting rid of your unwanted equipment easy for you; we add value to your gear and do all the sales work for you.  Once we obtain buyers for your units, we will contact you and the decision to sell is all yours; it can’t get easier than that.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at our New Jersey, Florida, or Oregon laboratories at