Repair/Calibrations for wavelength meters are available at the Medford lab

If you have a wavelength meter, such as the 86120 series, that isn’t working properly or just won’t turn on, you can get it fixed at the west coast lab in Medford.  We also have the ability to calibrate wavelength meters that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guaranteeing you the highest quality calibrations.  Feel free to give us a call at 541-245-3992 if you need your equipment serviced or if you have any questions.

Custom-Cal Offers Calibration & Repair of Test Equipment from Medford, Oregon Calibration Laboratory

Custom-Cal Offers Calibration & Repair of Test Equipment from Medford, Oregon Calibration Laboratory

Custom-Cal Oregon Calibration Laboratory performs calibration and repair of popular brands of test equipment.

  • California
  • Medford, Oregon
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • and other neighboring states

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Custom-Cal Offers Calibration & Repair of Test Equipment from Medford, Oregon Calibration Laboratory

Custom-Cal Offers Calibration & Repair of Test Equipment from Medford, Oregon Calibration Laboratory

Custom-Cal Offers Calibration & Repair of Test Equipment from Medford, Oregon Calibration Laboratory

Custom-Cal Offers Calibration & Repair of Test Equipment from Medford, Oregon Calibration Laboratory

CeYear AV4051 – Affordable Signal/Spectrum Analyzers From 4 to 67 GHz

CeYear AV4051

Custom-Cal Global Tech Solutions, LLC is the exclusive distributor in the USA and Mexico as well as Brazil for the CeYear AV4051 series of spectrum analyzers as well as other CeYear Test Equipment. Custom Calibrations Solutions, LLC (DBA Custom-Cal) is an Affiliated service and Pre-Owned Test Equipment company that performs calibration on CEYEAR products as well as many other brands of test equipment.

Product Information

Ceyear, the new brand name of the China Electronics Technology Instruments Co. Ltd. (CETI), makes powerful measurement solutions at attractive prices, enabling businesses with tight equipment budgets to afford more measurement capability.

The AV4051 signal and spectrum analyzer is one example, offering excellent dynamic range, phase noise and test speed and available with nine upper frequency options, from 4 to 67 GHz. Coverage to 500 GHz is possible with an external mixer. The displayed average noise level (DANL) of the analyzer is ‐156 dBm/Hz at 1 GHz, ‐141 dBm/Hz at 50 GHz and ‐135 dBm/Hz at 67 GHz. The AV4051 has three analysis bandwidth options: 10, 40 and 200 MHz, adjustable to more than 40 levels from 10 Hz to the maximum bandwidth. With 4 GB of memory, data streams can be recorded from 2 s to several hours, depending on the selected bandwidth.

The instrument’s spectrum analysis capabilities include sweep and FFT sweep, zero span fast sweep (1 µs), frequency counting with 0.001 Hz resolution and test functions for occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power, harmonic distortion and third-order intercept. The AV4051 performs transient analysis, with time-domain and frequency-domain correlation, and provides a waterfall display showing spectrum changes versus time. Phase noise testing is also part of the analyzer’s capabilities.

The unit has a 10.1-inch LCD display with 1280 × 800 pixel resolution and supports USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces. Outputs include digital, 1× or 4× optical fiber and a real-time interface for recording I/Q data. An external digital recorder supports SSD and HDD media.

AV4051 pricing starts at $25,500, which is very competitive with other signal and spectrum analyzers.

Note: Information was taken from this resource link.

CeYear AV4051 Product Manual Download PDF Manual

If you’re looking for the CeYear AV4051 product manual for additional information like product overview, main characteristics, technical specifications and etc., you can download it here.

Product Features & Pricing


For more product features and information about the CeYear equipment, please visit this link – Custom-Cal Global Tech Solutions, LLC is the new test equipment company that sells it.

Pricing Reference
AV4051L Signal / Spectrum Analyzer 3Hz~67GHz $110,303.03
AV4051H signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~50GHz $72,424.24
AV4051G signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~45GHz $64,848.48
AV4051F signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~40GHz $60,303.03
AV4051E signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~26.5GHz $48,181.82
AV4051D signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~18GHz $43,636.36
AV4051C signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~13.2GHz $39,090.91
AV4051B signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~9GHz $33,030.30
AV4051A signal / spectrum analyzer 3Hz~4GHz $25,454.55

Please feel free to email Custom-Cal Global Tech Solutions, LLC at for all your CeYear AV4051 needs or call Randy Yousey at 908-328-3663.

Custom-Cal repairs test instruments, too

Our customers rely on us to keep their instruments calibrated properly. We’re proud of our calibration work, but that’s not all we do. We also do repairs. We fix test equipment from just about any test equipment manufacturer, including:

  • HP/Agilent,
  • Anritsu,
  • Ando,
  • Advantest,
  • Fluke,
  • Datron/Wavetek
  • Yokogawa,
  • JDSU, and
  • many other companies

In addition to repairing instruments from many different manufacturers, we can often repair instruments that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Does your cal company actually do repairs?

Many companies rely on their calibration company to perform instrument repairs. The problem with this is that most calibration companies don’t really do their own repairs. There are several reasons for this:

  • They are not set up to do repair work.
  • They don’t have the expertise, the maintenance documents (manuals), or parts needed to perform repairs.
  • They have set up their labs to perform high-volume, low-cost calibrations, not time-consuming repairs.
  • They are not willing to take the risk of performing repairs. Failing to perform a repair properly, or to repair an instrument in a timely manner, could cause a customer to become dissatisfied and adversely affect their calibration business.

Specify Custom-Cal repair services

If your calibration provider does not do their own repairs, we suggest that you specify Custom-Cal as your preferred source for instrument repairs. If you do not specify where an instrument is to be repaired, you are basically authorizing the cal lab to get the repair done wherever they please.

In most cases, the calibration vendor will send instruments to be repaired to the manufacturer. Very rarely do companies question sending an instrument to the manufacturer for repairs. As long as the manufacturer supports the instrument, they will no doubt be able to make the repair, but there are several reasons why this may not be the most beneficial strategy for you:

  • Manufacturers often charge more for repairs than test-equipment companies such as Custom-Cal. Cal labs don’t care about the higher cost because they just pass it on to you, the customer. Not only that, they make more money on high-cost repairs because their markup is usually a percentage of the total repair cost.
  • Your shipping costs may be higher because you will pay shipping to your cal lab, from the cal lab to the manufacturer and back, and then finally back to you.
  • Repair costs are often higher because the broken item is part of a kit, and rather than just replacing the broken item, the manufacturer will make you pay for the entire kit, even though you don’t need most of the items in that kit.
  • When asked to repair an item, a manufacturer will simply perform the repair no matter what the cost. At Custom-Cal, we will compare the cost of doing a repair vs. the cost of a replacement unit before performing a repair. If we determine that it will be cheaper for you to replace a unit instead of repairing it, we will give you that option.

Custom-Cal has been repairing test equipment for many years, saving our customers a lot of money in the process. Let us do that for you. For more information on our repair services, e-mail or phone of our locations:

  • Hamilton, NJ: 609-530-9000 8am to 8pm Eastern time, 908-328-3663 8am – 11pm Easter time (weekends)
  • Sanford, FL: 407-322-5663 7am to 4pm Eastern time
  • Medford, OR: 541-245-3992 8am – 5pm Pacific time

Reconditioned Agilent N2605A battery packs save you money

N2605A-135 Battery PackNew batteries for the Agilent/HP WireScope 350 Hand-held Cable Tester can cost $500 or more. Using our new Agilent N2605A-135 Battery Pack Trade-In Program, though, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Just send us your dead N2605A-135 battery pack, and we’ll send you a reconditioned replacement! This service costs you only $195, and the reconditioned battery pack will have exactly the same specs as the old one. The output voltage is rated at 7.2 VDC, and the capacity is 3800 mAh.

You can purchase this service by going to our eBay store or by contacting us directly. E-mail or phone us at 888-530-9009 if you need more information.