LISN Calibrations supported by Custom Calibrations

Custom Calibration Solutions has the ability to calibrate youre LISN units at a price you can afford.  We have expert electronic engineers  that you can trust to calibrate you LISN equipment the right way.  Below are a few LISN models that we support; if you don’t find the model number below, don’t be afraid to contact us to find out our capabilities for your needs or if you want more information.



  • LI-125
  • LI-150
  • LI-325
  • LI-400
  • LI-550
  • LIN-115
  • LI-215
  • LI-210


  • lisn 2
  • LISN-3B
  • LISN-50-200-1-02
  • LISN-50-25-2-02
  • LISN-50-50-1-01
  • LISN-50-50-1-02
  • LISN-5-200-2-02-MS461F
  • LISN-5-25-2-02



lisn 3

  • NNB51



lisn 4

  • MPW201B

PIM Load Calibrations

If you work with PIM analyzers and PIM loads and you need to find someone to calibrate your equipment, look no further than Custom-Cal.  We have recently expanded our capabilities to calibrate virtually any of your PIM equipment.  All our calibrations are with certified standards traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).  Below is a list of some of the PIM equipment we can calibrate.

  • AWT: PLOAD50, PLOAD50L, EPLOAD40, PLOAD100,  PLOAD100L, PLOAD100-F, S1L PIM AnalyzersPS2M Series single band pim analyzers
  • Kaelus: PIL-0005A, PIL-0005A, CIS-0001A, SI-30A, SI-20A,
  • Anritsu: PIM master MW82119B
  • Rosenberger: PIM Site Analyzer alpha, Desktop Analyzers, Rack Analyzers 

Do not hesitate to contact us at our New Jersey, Florida or Oregon labs if you need any of your equipment calibrated. We are the calibration and repair experts in a wide variety of equipment such as spectrum analyzers, signal generators, network analyzers, optics, torque, oscilloscopes, multimeters and much more.

New definition of the kilogram has finally come


Yesterday marked a great achievement for mankind in creating a new, perfect definition of what a kilogram is.  Back in 1889, France made the world’s official kilogram weight made out of a platinum-iridium alloy.  This type of metal was specifically chosen due to its ability to hold up to corrosion and its stability to maintain it’s weight over a long period of time.   To make sure it would keep its weight it was also placed in 2 different vacuum chambers and was not allowed to be touched directly by anyone, since the oils on your skin would rub off, changing the weight and speed up corrosion.  Unfortunately, since it is a man-made object, it wasn’t perfect and has lost 50micrograms since it was originally made.


Now scientists, after decades of work, have defined the weight of a kilogram by the Planck constant.  The Planck constant is a concept in quantum mechanics which describes how the tiniest bits of matter release energy in discrete steps or chunks.  What makes the Planck constant a perfect measurement is that it will never change.  It is also called a natural constant, much like the speed of light.  We have changed the way we measure other standards to a natural constant, such as the length of a meter is defined as the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second, since light cannot change speed, the length of a meter will always be the same.

To read in more detail about the new definition of the kilogram, please click on this article :

Lastly, at Custom Calibration Solutions, we can calibrate just about anything you may need calibrated whether that be physical dimensional, RF, or fiber optics.  We have a calibration labs in New Jersey, Florida, and Oregon, so no matter where you are located you can choose which location works for you.



Have you lost your options on your COM 120?

We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers by expanding our capabilities to meet your needs.  If you have ever had your COM 120 lose its options, making it become inoperable, there is no need to replace it with a new one.  If you bring your COM 120 to Custom Calibration Solutions we can now re-store COM-120s options which sometimes are lost in the repair process or when watchdogs NOVRAM chip fails.  This re-stores options originally fitted to you COM-120 so you can use the original functions.  We take a lot of pride in our work to make sure you get exactly what you need and bringing your equipment to us is a quick, cost effective way to make sure you can operate at your full capacity with minimal downtime.  If you have any questions about what we can do for you please feel free to email us at or call us at any of our locations at Medford Oregon, Hamilton New Jersey, or Orange City Florida.  At our Medford Oregon location, we can calibrate your equipment if you are located in Salem, Eugene, Portland, Bend, along with various other locations.


Spectrum Analyzer Calibrations

Here at Custom Cal, we calibrate a wide variety of equipment to the highest standards traceable through NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).  We calibrate/repair RF equipment, optics, DC/AC, resistance, current, and scales but, in this post, we will be focusing on spectrum analyzer calibrations.   When it comes to spectrum analyzers, we are your one stop shop to all of your servicing needs.  To help paint a picture of what we can do for you, we have listed below a few spectrum analyzers that we can calibrate/repair.  They are listed by manufacturer assist in finding your exact type.  Even if you do not see your equipment in this list, it does not mean we cannot help you, this is just a few of a long list of spectrum analyzers we service.  If you need your equipment calibrated or repaired,  you can simply type in your model number into the search bar located at the top right of your page.  From there, you can see what services we provide and if you have any questions, you can  fill out our online form and someone will quickly get back with you.  You can also click on the contact us button to contact the specific lab closest to you.

Rohde & Schwarz:  FSQ3, FSQ8, FSQ26, FSQ40, FSW8, FSW13, FSW26, FSW43, FSW50, FSV4, FSV7, FSV13, FSV30, FSV40, FSU26, FSL3, FSL6, FSL18, FSP3, FSP7, FSP13, FSP30, FSP31, FSP40, ESPI3, ESPI7, ESCI,  FSC3, FSC6, FSH3, FSH3 opt. 23, FSH4, FSH6, FSH6 opt. 26, FSH8, ESIB40, ESMD, ESU40, PR100, PR100+HF907, EM100, EM100+HF907, EB-200, EB200 D-Scan, ETL, FS300

Agilent/Keysight:  E4411-Е4407, E4440, 54622A, N8590, N9010A, N9020A, N9340B, N9000A, N9030A, N9320, FieldFox Hand Held RF and Microwave Analyzers  N9913A, N9914A, N9915A, N9916A, N9917A, N9918A, N9935A, N9936A, N9937A, N9938A, N9950A, N9951A, N9952A, N9960A, N9961A, N9962A. N9342C, N9343C, N9344C

Tektronix:  RSA306B

HP:  8560Е-8565Е, 8590

Aeroflex:  2394, 2395, 2397, 2399,  3250 series (51, 52, 53, 54)

Advantest:  R3271, R3272, U3772

Anritsu:  MS8911B, MS2721A, MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E, MS27102A Remote Spectrum Monitor

LG:  SA-930

WillTek:  9001

LIG Nex1: NS30, NS132, NS265

Signal Hound:  USB-SA44B, USB-SA124B, BB60A, BB60C

NARDA:  IDA 3106, NRA 3000, NRA 6000

Digital FAR:  Fast Acquisition Receiver System

CETC:  AV4051A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H

ETTUS:  USRP B200, B210

AOR:  AR-DV1,AR500 1D, AR8000, AR8200, AR8200-MK2, AR8200-MK3, AR8600, AR8600-MK2, AR3000, AR3000A, AR5000, AR5000+3, AR5000A, AR5000A+3, SR2200, SR2000, SR2000A,  AOR-ALPHA

ICOM:  IC-R10, IC-R20, IC-R8500, IC-R9500, PCR-100, PCR-1000, PCR-1500, PCR2500