MET/CAL® / Intercal Software Development, Support & Services

Custom Calibrations Solutions has put together a team of experts in the field of automated calibration and the calibration of test equipment.

Our goal is simple, provide our customers with the best possible calibrations using fully automated procedures and help other labs do the same.

Whether your lab is new to automation or fully automated, Custom Cal has the expertise and locations to provide you the software and services required to get you to the next level of automation!

Currently, our focus is in MET/CAL® with expansion into other platforms as well.

MET/CAL® Procedures / Verification Software
• MET/CAL® Support and Customization of any MET/CAL® procedure including procedures developed in-house, Legacy Intercal Software
  and Fluke Gold Program procedures
- Lab Standard changes and modifications
- Bug fixes
- Modifications of test points
- Add capabilities to meet new or existing requirements
• Development of Verification Software to support your electronic workload
- RF & Microwave
- Optical
- General Purpose including Oscilloscopes and Watt Meters
- Agilent, Fluke, LeCroy, Rhode & Schwarz, Tektronix, Yokogawa, we automate it all!
• Training
- Provided at your location or ours
- Taught by automation experts with years of bench experience
- Training customized to meet your needs, level of knowledge, and goals
- Covers all aspects: Running Procedures, Developing Procedures, Maintaining Procedures and Administrator Functions - you’ll learn it all
Automation Service Contracts Available
Custom Calibration Solutions also offers a wide range of service contracts- give us a call, explain your requirements and together, we’ll design and implement a solution that works for you!