Test Equipment Calibration Services


Test Equipment Calibration Services Overview

All phone calls are answered in person and we strive to provide the best response possible. To achieve this, we’ve established multiple, state-of-the-art facilities and the ability to mobilize dedicated Standards rapidly. Each laboratory is outfitted to accommodate a variety of customer calibration needs, while specializing in optical communication support. Our labs are equipped with hard to find optical standards and highly experienced staff. Custom-Cal takes pride in our ability to perform original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level calibrations and we can cater to customers’ individual needs via customized procedures designed to more closely match your actual requirements while saving valuable time and investment.

Custom Calibration Solutions assists customers in meeting or exceeding individual business goals by striking the ultimate balance between quality objectives and cost. We can optimize any existing test equipment calibration program by combining the use of our proprietary procedures in conjunction with the most appropriate standards for each calibration task.

Optical Calibration

Custom-Cal maintains an extensive inventory and variety of unique reference standards that allow us to provide services quickly and efficiently, with high-level, direct traceability to NIST that are performed by engineers and technicians with extensive OEM experience.

All work performed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

Onsite Test Equipment Calibration Service


When a client is unable to afford “down-time” due to calibration scheduling, Custom-Cal can provide onsite test equipment calibration services. Onsite calibration services reduce concerns about turnaround time, shipping damage and other potential hazards of transporting your valuable test equipment off-premises. Custom-Cal offers onsite support on a global basis for meeting customer requirements, in locations as far reaching at the Asia Pacific Rim, Canada & the US East and West coasts.

Onsite Calibration by State;  Connecticut   Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Maryland   Massachusetts   New Hampshire   New Jersey   New York   Oregon   Pennsylvania   Rhode Island   Vermont   Virginia   

Time Critical Response

Occasionally customers find they have a time sensitive situation.

Whether it is an upcoming audit, inspection or production deadline, where an urgent response is required, Custom-Cal is flexible enough to expedite our services to accommodate each unique requirement. A variety of special services are offered, including overnight and multiple day onsite test equipment calibration services.

Pickup and Delivery

For companies that are local to our facilities, we can schedule a staff member to pick up your equipment and return it when the job is completed. Place your valuable test equipment in the hands of experts who understand how it should be delivered using safe and suitable packing methods. We can provide the necessary boxes, ESD packaging, cushioning and any other means necessary to ensure proper transportation.

Pickup and delivery minimizes the cost associated with insurance. There are no extra charges for insurance when transporting your equipment. We assume the risk and guarantee that it will be returned in the same condition or better. If you are located within a sixty mile radius of any of our main locations, pickup and delivery charges are waived.

Test Equipment Calibration Capabilities

Custom-Cal is one of the elite trusted test equipment calibration houses that can calibrate high end fiber optic instruments. We have specific specialized standards and expertise geared toward customers with fiber optic instruments.


We also provide calibration for a wide range of instruments:
RF, Communication, Bench, Environmental, and Mechanical including thousands of instruments that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

Feel free to search for your specific model on our website to bring you to our on-line request form, where you may indicate your particular needs, or give us a call anytime at (888)530-9009.

As always, we pride ourselves on having prompt turnaround times and competitive prices. All calibrations are NIST traceable.

The following are links to some of the instruments we calibrate:

Additional Features

Custom-Cal offers useful tools for helping our customers manage their calibration process. There is a wide range of reasons for requesting information regarding your test equipment calibration, which we are always happy to provide. All data can be accessed for keeping track of the status of your unit throughout each process and for record-keeping purposes. These tools are explained in further detail below, which includes a personal login page, service summary documentation and bar coded labels.

"My Data" Login Page

MyData, exclusively from Custom-Cal, allows our customers to login and have instant access to their test equipment calibration records and instrument history, 24 hours a day and seven days per week. This invaluable tool assists your company in meeting the requirements of ISO-9000 as well as providing peace of mind that your records are immediately available to you whenever or wherever your auditor requests them.

MyData information is pulled from our dedicated, backed up server which is populated by our proprietary service management system, InstaTrack. From this portal you can browse the service history of your equipment, view and print calibration certificates and verify the date the calibration is next due for one or a range of instruments.

Advance identification of future calibrations due assists in planning production equipment availability thereby reducing unplanned production downtime.

Your ISO-9000 compliance is assured through the MyData portal
   • Paragraph 4.2.4 Control of records:
         - Your calibration records are instantly accessible and always up to date
   • Paragraph 7.5.1 Control of production and service provision:
         - Evidence of the availability of monitoring and measuring equipment is immediately available.
   • Paragraph 7.5.2 Validation of processes for production and service provision:
         - Evidence of records required for production measurement equipment which could affect delivered products and or services is readily available.
   • Paragraph 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment:
         - Monitoring and measuring equipment control evidence is enhanced with the immediate availability of evidence of traceability, identification
         of non-conforming instruments including non-conforming data, where appropriate as well as assured maintenance of calibration result records.

            Sample page


Service Summary Documentation

When you have a number of units at Custom-Cal for calibration, at your request we can provide a service summary document electronically via email to keep you updated on the status of the service order for each unit. Conveniently formatted in a spreadsheet, it can be easily scanned and saves on phone time calling for an update. Information provided on each unit is similar to that found on your My Data page, but is in a format that allows you to manipulate and save the data. A service summary document allows you to keep detailed records about your equipment in a simple, useful layout. Rename certificate pdf to your liking (ie model/serial number)

Bar Coded Labels

The bar coded number uniquely identifies the unit’s service history at Custom-Cal. It is used to provide access to Manufacturer, model, serial number and your asset number for inventory, loss prevention/tracking, etc. The label can save time, effort and potential damage (the TE doesn’t have to be removed from the test racks) when identifying units due for calibration or other service.



   -- Aids in physical inventory
   -- Assists in tracking portable instrumentation
   -- Allows a higher level of management control: it gives you the ability to delegate quality activities
   -- Aids in scheduling test equipment calibration activity: knowing where the instruments are helps “roundup” instruments