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Our Customers Believe In Us

Our business is built on referrals from our satisfied customers. Our customers save time and money because they are able to talk directly to our optical and RF test equipment experts. Our experience enables us to repair most equipment that in the past could only be serviced exclusively by OEM repair facilities.

Custom-Cal is a veteran-owned business founded by Randy Yousey. With thirty years of experience in test equipment calibration and repair, Randy leads a diverse team of engineers with top industry experience. The pros at Custom-Cal cut their teeth at cutting edge companies like, JDSU, Lucent and Lockheed.

Convenient, Customized Service

We provide our customers with a convenient choice of local pickup or on-site service.

Our unique on-site service model allows us to perform calibration not only in your facility but right at your workbench where the equipment is used.

Custom-Cal operates four facilities on the East Coast, West Coast and Canada; and can perform on-site work in these areas. We have numerous long-distance customers who find such savings that they ship their test equipment to us for repair.

At Custom-Cal, long-term customer relationships outweigh short-term financial gains. We’ve built our reputation by being available when our customers need us most. As a result, our customers rely on Custom Cal to save time and money.

Contact us today for all your calibration needs.

Our Staff

  Management Team
   Randy Yousey, CEO / President    Randy Yousey | Custom-Cal
Randy has utilized over 25 years of technical experience and calibration management experience which has helped him open Custom Calibrations Solutions, LLC in March of 2005. He employs a team-oriented management and leadership style. He has worked hard to provide an analytical and structured environment while inspiring visionary and flexible creativity. Randy had laid the groundwork for Custom-Cal to nurture a culture of opportunity, progression, strategy, and prosperity, while always striving to serve and grow.
Randy has held responsibilities spanning all aspects of calibration with emphasis on program development and on-site operations. He has a strong technical base combined with effective customer interfacing skills, as well as automation of operations and calibrations leading to a fifty percent increase in efficiency. He is an expert in commercial operations to include pricing, quoting and database building to include business streamlining.
Randy spent 4 years in the U.S. Army, working up to Calibration Specialist, level 5. In 1981, he ranked #1 in Germany in over all proficiency in Calibration, and provided technical procedure writing in support of Pershing II tests equipment calibration. He also obtained journeymen status in Electrical Trade logging over 4,000 hours in support of microwave equipment calibration effort in Germany. On his return to New Jersey, he worked for 4 years at Lockheed Martin Electronics in Plainfield as Calibration Standards Senior Metrologist. He managed commercial calibration workload and activity of six technicians, and maintained standards lab and NBS Measurement Assurance Programs. He also developed automated program to electronically re-calibrate state of the art Solatron DVM, and developed many procedures and data sheets to comply with 10CFR & MILSTD.
During Randy’s 14 years with Lucent Technologies in Union, New Jersey, he worked as the Senior Calibration Engineer and serving Operations Supervisor. He supported marketing and sales efforts by supplying technical information to clients, and developed client proposals, sales tools and literature. He accompanied sales reps during client presentations and provided technical support to staff, additionally trained personnel at Columbus Works and Dallas Microelectronics.
He also developed and implemented training courses for Columbus Wireless Calibration personnel, including synthesizer automated program development, spectrum analysis and RF measuring techniques. Provided calibration related consultation during the purchase of U.S. Rentals by AT&T Capital Corporation. He designed and programmed database for calibration laboratory, with features including: equipment recall, job tracking, data replication, price quoting, tracking purchase of parts and services and billing of calibration/repair fees. Developing user interface software for HP controllers featuring easy selection of unit under test and standards, quick address assignment and uniform data collection with storage and printing routines has been another major task. Re-programmed existing canned software to run under interface and wrote programs to automate additional calibrations. Also responsible for selecting Optical, RF, DC & low frequency standards to perform instrument calibration. Outfitted mobile calibration trailers, supervisor of off-site calibration.
Randy then ended his outside work at JDS Uniphase, Inc., where he worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer and Calibration Manager for 5 years. His main responsibilities included: Assess and implement ongoing improvements to achieve both cost savings and enhanced quality control of JDS optical products; Supervise laboratory staff maintaining 2500 instruments; Designed and coded software to automate specialized optical calibrations; Researched and selected Optical Calibration Standards to reduce sub-contract costs and control downtime. He also has a clear understanding of various measurement techniques, SCIP language and VXI bus topology.
   Irina Sakhartchouk, Regional Manager - Hamilton, NJ     Irina Sakhartchouk | Custom-Cal
She has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Belarus Politechnic University and has worked extensively in the Fiber-Optics field. Irina has over 10 years of experience in design, development and testing of high-speed fiber-optic receivers and transmitter components. During 10+ years with JDS Uniphase she held various technical positions (including design, development and technical support) all related to the development and manufacturing of optical receiver & transmitter components for long-wavelength fiber- optic communications systems. Irina is also a Certified Quality Technician and Trained ISO 9001 Auditor. She speaks English, Russian and Polish languages.
   Bob Adamson, Operations Manager - Hamilton, NJ    
Bob joined Custom-Cal in 2007 and brought with him over 10 years of operations and management experience. He graduated from Clarkson University with a PhD in fracture mechanics and is a licensed Professional Engineer. As part of Bob’s Doctorate studies he completed numerous trips to Northern Alaska and the Arctic Circle to study the scale effects on the fracture properties of sea ice. Upon graduation he worked in the engineering field, specializing in structural engineering. During his eleven years in the engineering field, he worked his way from staff engineer to top management, working closely with the owners of the company to project workload and develop new business
When Bob joined Custom-Cal, his primary objective was to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the company. Over time he evolved into the role of Operations Manager and Quality Manager. In June 2010, Custom-Cal achieved the goal of ISO 9001 certification.
   Dave Sanders, Regional Lab Manager
Dave graduated high school in 1977 where he quickly ran away from Illinois and joined the Air Force for “an education and a 9 to 5 job”. After technical school for ATC Radar Maintenance, Dave learned that he had been assigned to a mobile combat unit (combat… in the Air Force… what?) and at that same time, he also realized that the 9 to 5 job his recruiter spoke of… it was a lie.
After 4 years in the mob, Dave cross-trained and began supporting weather equipment at the 17 Titan II missile complexes where quiet is your friend and static electricity is not.
After all the fun in the Air Force, Dave moved his family to Dallas Texas for his first civilian job- running the test and then the quality programs for Marlow Industries, a leader in the field of thermo-electrics. At Marlow, Dave had the opportunity to work with the Litton Microwave and Texas Instruments engineers in the manufacturing and testing of key components for the Cruise Missile’s guidance system- very cool stuff.
Dave went on to heading up the test department at Micro-Pac, a manufacturer of optical components and also as a Metrologist for USIR where he started down the automation path of electronic test equipment.
In 1992, Dave contracted as a Senior Test Engineer for Fluke Manufacturing and was solely responsible for the development of automated software to support their new Sigma Series. Upon leaving Fluke, Dave created Tech-Ware, the first such company to provide customized automated calibration software. Tech-Ware merged with MetPros in 1995 to form Intercal and Dave and his family moved west to Oregon.
With the opening of Custom Cal West, Dave brings his knowledge and experience together with a great team to help make Custom Cal the premier cal lab on the west coast.
Dave is married to his high school sweetheart Lezley, they have two children who live in the Portland area. Dave enjoys anything that gets him outside, including riding dirt and street motorcycles, backpacking, rafting and camping. Oregon is the perfect place to work and play and Dave is enjoys both!

 Technical Staff
   Cezary Mscichowski, Senior Metrologist
Cezary has grown to be an essential asset to the Custom-Cal team, with his broad range of manufacturing and engineering experience including equipment calibration. He has strong computer skills including control systems, databases and all standard applications. He is a self-motivated team player that works easily with others and knows how to get the job done!
Cezary began working as a machinist reporting to a design engineering group on prototype automobile designs. He then became an electronic technician for a customer electronic service company, and then moved up to Technical Manager for UNITRA in Warsaw, Poland which is a service company engaged in the installation and repair of audio-video and satellite television systems.
Cezary then worked for JDS Uniphase Corportation, EPITAXX Division in West Trenton, New Jersey for over 15 years, starting out as a Manufacturing Technician in the Packaging Department, responsible for operation, maintenance and training of operators wire bonders, die bonders, seam sealers and other packaging equipment in support of optoelectronic receiver production. As a Reliability Technician in the Research and Development Department, he was responsible for test, measurement and maintenance of long-term reliability experiments and maintained and prepared databases for presentation and publication. He also maintained and calibrated equipment including photodiode test stations, environmental chambers and a SEC 860 die bonder to 5micron resolution, in addition to assisted in the development and testing of an advanced flip chip process. Cezary gained extensive experience in calibration and repair as a Technician in the Quality Assurance Department where he was responsible for performance test, calibration, and repair of electronic, optical, and mechanical tools and measuring equipment.
Cezary’s educational background started with an Electronic Technician Degree from Kasprzak Technical College in Warsaw, Poland. Upon moving to the United States, he attended classes at Inacom Education Center for MS Access Training and MS DOS, Windows, Word, and Excel. He then received a Fiberoptic Technician Certificate from Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, New Jersey. He then achieved his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from The College of New Jersey located in Ewing, New Jersey.
   Jason Porter, Calibration and Repair Engineer
His main responsibilities are the repair, assembly, and calibration of the Omniber (37718A/B/C, 37717, 37719, J1407). He also often repairs HP Agilent Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, and Frequency Counters. His background is mostly in the field of networking and telecom installation. However, he strives to learn more about RF and optical repair and is in training almost every day to refine his skills. He has been a full time staff member at Custom-Cal for less than a year, following his part time work, adding up to about two and a half years with the company. Jason has found Custom-Cal to be a relaxed working environment where the entire staff cooperates and assists in each other's success and remarks, “When you work with people who become your friends, it makes for a fun work environment."
   Dan McAlexander, Calibration and Repair Technician
I have been with Custom Cal since 2015 and while in the Florida lab have continued to gain calibration and repair experience in multiple vendors equipment.

Army national Guard four years. Trained as a field artillery weapons specialist and Turret mechanic, Competed at the national level in combat rifle marksmanship and crewed the M110 self propelled Howitzer.

U.S Navy ten and a half years. Completed Avionics "A" school, Advanced first term Avionics, 6673 Calibration training, Micro-Miniature repair school, TTU-205 Air data systems calibration and repair training, I was stationed in the Azores, on the USS Saratoga, NAS Cecil Field, and NAS Jax. While in the Navy I learned to SCUBA and dove in many places including the Azores, the Mediterranean sea, St Thomas and Florida. Off hours I like to work on my classic mustang, go to the range, update my machine shop skills and go fishing.

I was with ABB industrial systems for a couple of years repairing and maintaining paper machines which was an interesting change from the navy then, I was offered a job back in calibration with HP/Agilent where I spent the next nine years working in Texas and Mexico primarily as a member of the VOSCAL teams and as resident professional.
   Mike Russeau, Calibration and Repair Technician
Mike graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan in 1985 with an Associates Degree in Applied Technology, Electronics Technology and possesses a certificate in MET/CAL automated calibration procedure writing from Fluke Corporation Everett, Washington.
He brings with him over thirty years of experience in metrology, electronics repair, and engineering research and development. He is qualified in the repair, alignment and calibration of optical spectrum analyzers, optical wavelength meters, optical power meters, RF spectrum analyzers, RF generators, RF communication analyzers, environmental temperature/humidity chambers and controllers. He is accomplished in the following metrology disciplines: electronics (all), RF, acoustic, acceleration, relative humidity, temperature, pressure, speed, angle, force, torque, automotive emission laboratory testing, exhaust gas analyzers and data acquisition systems. He gained this experience while working for Main ChB Inc. (an A2LA accredited calibration laboratory) and such fortune 500 companies like General Motors Corporation and General Electric (GE Aviation).
   John Lee, Senior Calibration and Repair Engineer
John has brought with him over twenty-four years of successful and progressive experience in troubleshooting, testing, and performing related service operations involving a broad variety of electronic equipment and instrumentation. He has strong technical aptitude in resolving complex problems and reducing turnaround time for service and the ability to interact effectively with all levels of management, staff, and clients. He has a solid background in providing technical support for sales and customer support.
John joined Custom-Cal in 2009 as a Senior Metrologist and has various technical and organizational responsibilities. He repairs and calibrates High Speed Bit Error Rate Test Set, OTDR, OSA,WDM, PMD, Optical Power Meter, Optical Sensor, DLI-STM64, ANT20SE, RF Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, VNA. He sets up and maintains the calibration lab, and trains technical staff to calibrate customers’ equipment. He provides technical support to sales staff and customers and travels to customer sites for calibration. Also accompanying his technical skills, John creates test data sheet and cal procedure for equipment.
John has received a B.S.E.E Degree - 1986; Major in Electrical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ. He also has an A.S. Degree - 1983; Major in Engineering Science at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ. John also receives Continuing Education in the following areas: OSA; SDH/SONET; PDH/SDH; High Speed Error Rate Measuring Equipment; Laser Measurements; LabVIEW Basics II, RF theory; RF spectrum analyzer; RF/Optical network analyzer; Optical chirp test set; Fiber Optics; An Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty; Laboratory compliance with ISO/IEC 17025; Inter-laboratory Comparisons; Training Course; IPC-A-610D.

   Kim Beczo, Accounts Payable
Kim Beczo is the Administrative Assistant at Custom-Cal's New Jersey office. She provides the company with expedited efficiency in the areas of Invoicing, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable. She worked at EPITAXX/JDSU for 15 ½ years, starting in 1989; the first 4 years she worked in the Testing Department, and then was a Senior Quality Control Technician for the rest of her time there. Kim has been with Custom-Cal since March 4, 2007 and comments that she likes working at Custom-Cal because of the friendship and cooperation among all of the staff, notable that we are all friends.
   Dexter Regis, Sales Associate
Dexter joined Custom-Cal in 2007, and works as the Sales Associate for our New Jersey locations. He brings with him 25 years of experience as an Instrumentation Technician, which gives him the ability to assist in calibration of pneumatic and electronic instrumentation. He also worked in Trinidad with Texaco, Amoco, British Gas, and EOG Resources Trinidad Limited. Dexter worked as a Production Technician I for 10 years, where he completed tasks including operating and maintaining offshore platform facilities. He was also employed as an Artificial Gas Lift Technician for Texaco Trinidad Inc. for over 15 years.
Dexter has received extensive training within his employment opportunities, which include training with Texaco as an apprentice from 1979 to 1984. He obtained his Instrument Technician Certification from San Fernando Technical Institute in 1984. From 1992 to 1996, he was certified as an Enhanced Oil Recovery Technician through, which included focus on both instrumentation and operations, through Petrotrin. He also worked as an Instrument Technician in the calibration lab at HJ Gransaull. During this time he also worked on the commission of two methanol plants at the Point-Lisas Industrial Estate in Trinidad.
   Roger Hutchcraft, Regional Logistics Manager
Roger joined the Custom-Cal team with the opening of our West Coast Campus in early 2011 and brings with him over 25 years of warehouse and logistics experience.
His primary responsibilities for CC West include all inbound / outbound logistics, incoming inspections, safety, and inventory control.
Roger’s management experience started with the management of the warehouse at Nexxus Products distribution center where he was responsible for all inbound products and distribution of outbound goods.
Roger went on to the manufacturing environment managing the warehouse for Penn Fabrication in the case and cabinet hardware business. Always looking to help, Roger also volunteered to head up their safety program and chair their safety committee, a very important part of manufacturing.
Upon moving to southern Oregon in 2002, Roger got his feet wet in the electronic industry by jumping right into working for Kathrein Scala Division, a large cell phone antenna manufacturer. While part of the Kathrein team, Roger learned all aspects of the assembly, manufacturing and testing of cell phone antenna arrays. Roger doesn’t like to brag but we do… he still holds all of the assembly records for Kathrein!
For the past 7 years, Roger was part of the Intercal team where he managed all inbound and outbound logistic, incoming inspection and testing of hardware and performed lead on logistics, assembly, documentation and delivery of automated microwave workstations.
Roger is married to Darlyn, a wonderful wife of over 17 years. They are enjoying their recent promotion to “Grand Parents” and are looking forward to the opportunities of spoiling the grand kids.
Roger’s hobbies include fishing, camping, rafting, billiards and rocketry.