Test Equipment Repair Services

Test Equipment Repair

Custom-Cal is well known for its expertise in a wide range of test equipment repair.

We have staffed, stocked, and equipped our laboratories in order to address major repair problems across a wide spectrum of test equipment. Examples are:
• Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA)
• Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)
• Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)
• Back Reflection Meter
• Wavelength Meter
• Optical Electrical Converter (OE)
• RF Spectrum Analyzer
• RF Synthesizer/Source
• Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
• Tunable Laser Source (TLS)
• Calibrator (Fluke, Datron, Wavetek)
• Long-scale DVM (3458A, 1281, 1271, 1081)

For more details about some of the models repaired, please see our Test Equipment Repair Specialties Page.

Test Equipment Repair Highlights:

Proven Capability - Location - Strategic Repair Partners - Low Prices!

- Our low overhead can save you thousands of dollars, repair prices are typically 40% to 75% below OEM test equipment repair.
- We have in depth experience to repair RF & Optical Test Equipment – even equipment outside of OEM support.
- Custom-Cal will pickup and deliver, thus saving shipping, packaging and handling expense.
- You will not need to insure your packages or worry about damage or deal with recapture of loss.
- Custom-Cal uses foam packaging (InstaPac) and suspension packaging to avoid damage when shipping is needed.
- We follow ESD practices and ship using ESD safe methods.

Flexible Quoting Process:

– We know any down time due to test equipment failure is costly to your business. To facilitate your decision process, Custom-Cal offers pricing alternatives to quote certain levels of test equipment repair, before receiving the unit.

Standard Repair Quote – Our extensive successful test equipment repair experience with certain types of test equipment and models allows us to quote a Standard Repair when sufficient information is provided on the problem with the unit. The Standard Repair price covers one major repair of the test equipment unless specified otherwise on the quote. Custom-Cal test equipment repair services can save forty percent or more compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) flat rates.

Not to Exceed Quote- A Not-to-Exceed quote is issued when enough historical test equipment repair cost data indicates repair success could require a range of effort but with an upper limit on the repair cost. The acceptance of this quote allows the repair to proceed thus eliminating the delays in conducting a physical evaluation before issuing the quote. At the completion of the repair, the costs will be evaluated, and if the repair is less than the Not-to-Exceed, the savings will be passed on to the customer. We strive to find the least cost solution. This quote saves time in starting the repair. Always less costly than replacing the unit- used or new.

For unique or certain complicated repairs, accurate quotes for deciding how to proceed are best provided after examining the test equipment.

Evaluation Quote- An evaluation quote is issued when insufficient information on the equipment's problem is provided or we do not have enough historical repair cost data to provide a Standard Repair or Not to Exceed Quote. The test equipment is physically evaluated at our facilities to determine:
a) our capability to perform the repair and
b) the cost of the test equipment repair.
Evaluation fees are a flat rate quoted at your inquiry and are applied toward any subsequent repair undertaken. Custom-Cal accepts and has success with test equipment repair that others won’t tackle and supports units no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Exchange - An exchange offers a customer a reduced rate on purchase of a replacement unit by trading in their unit. This option is offered if it is determined that the test equipment repair is not economical or if the customer needs a replacement unit quickly. Custom-Cal makes your used test equipment purchase more affordable and saves on recycling/disposal costs.

Our customers are in direct contact with experts who can solve test equipment problems today. You are able to contact us anytime for free technical assistance related to test equipment repair and calibration.