A calibration by Custom-Cal is performed by engineers with extensive OEM experience. We have the expertise and the necessary standards to perform the AEROFLEX-IFR A-8000 Calibration, onsite calibration may be available. We specialize in quick turnaround times and we can handle expedited deliveries upon request.

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   AEROFLEX-IFR A-8000   Description / Specification:    
AEROFLEX-IFR A-8000 2.6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

The Aeroflex-IFR A-8000 2.6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer is a wide band, very sensitive receiver. It works on the principle of "super-heterodyne receiver" to convert higher frequencies (normally ranging up to several 10s of GHz) to measurable quantities. The received frequency spectrum is slowly swept through a range of pre-selected frequencies, converting the selected frequency to a measurable DC level (usually logarithmic scale), and displaying the same on the CRT of the IFR A-8000. The CRT displays received signal strength (y-axis) against frequency ( x-axis). Applications for IFR A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer includes Site Monitoring: Verify that the frequency and signal strength of your transmitter is accurate. Interference: Before a system is installed you use a A-8000 spectrum analyzer to verify that the frequencies (you plan to use) are not occupied or if the presence of a very strong signal will interfere with your new setup. Interference can be created by a number of different situations. Other tests that utilize the IFR A-8000 spectrum analyzer features include antenna isolation, co-channel interference, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, intermodulation, microwave or satellite antenna alignment, and characterization of components. Specifications. Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 2.6 GHz. Frequency Accuracy: 0.0005%. Minimum Span: 1 kHz. Maximum Span: 250 MHz. Minimum Sweep Time: 5 ms. Maximum Sweep Time: 10s. Minimum Resolution Bandwidth: 300 Hz. Maximum Resolution Bandwidth: 3 MHz. Resolution Bandwidth Steps: 1/10/100. Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise: 65 dBc/Hz. Maximum Safe AC Input: 30 dBm. Maximum DC Input: 4 V. Maximum Dynamic Range: 70 dB.


Standard Calibration $440.00 *
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*This is a Web introductory price for one calibration of the AEROFLEX-IFR A-8000. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration. Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit.

Related RF Terms and Definitions. For a complete list go to our  Terms and Definitions Page.

Dynamic range
Dynamic range the ratio of a specified maximum level of a parameter, such as power, current, voltage or frequency, to the minimum detectable value of that parameter.

Noise Floor
Noise floor is the measure of the signal created from the sum of all the noise sources and unwanted signals within a measurement system.

White Noise
White noise is noise whose power spectral density (watts/hertz) is constant for the frequency range of interest.

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