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Optical Power Meter

General description of Optical Power Meter 's for sale.
Optical Power Meters contain both an optical power sensor and an indicator. The optical power sensor optoelectrically converts (O/E conversion) light propagating through optical fibers or free space from a laser diode or LED source. The indicator displays the power of the electric signal converted from the incoming light.

Optical Power Meters can have built-in optical power sensors or interchangeable optical power sensors. The later can be used to match the wave band being measured or different power levels. When measuring low power levels, optical power sensors can incorporating tuning-fork choppers. In addition, optical power sensors can also be used in measurements employing returning modulated light (MOD), often used in optical fiber loss measurements..

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DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM8012Optical Power MeterOptical Power MeterPrice $980.00

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