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Network Analyzer, SNA, VNA

General description of Network Analyzer, SNA, VNA 's for sale.
A network analyzers are instruments that measure transfer and/or impedance functions of linear networks through sine-wave testing. A network analyzer accomplishes these measurements by configuring its various components around the device under test (DUT).
First it uses a sine-wave signal source to stimulate the DUT. Since transfer and impedance functions are ratios of various voltages and currents, a means of separating the appropriate signals from the measurement ports of the device under test is required. Finally, the network analyzer itself must detect the separated signals, form the desired signal ratios, and display the results.
Network analyzers are used mostly at high frequencies; operating frequencies can range from 9 kHz to 110 GHz. Network analyzers can also cover lower frequency ranges down to 1 Hz.
The two main types of network analyzers are:
Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA): measures amplitude properties only
Vector Network Analyzer (VNA): measures both amplitude and phase properties
A VNA may also be called a gain-phase meter or an Automatic Network Analyzer. An SNA is functionally identical to a spectrum analyzer in combination with a tracking generator.

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New Test Equipment Sales

 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeOEM NameList Price
DetailsCOPPER MOUNTAIN TECHNOLOGIESC1209Network Analyzer, SNA, VNA9 GHz Vector Network AnalyzerPrice $20,995.00
DetailsCOPPER MOUNTAIN TECHNOLOGIESC1220Network Analyzer, SNA, VNA20 GHz Vector Network AnalyzerPrice $38,995.00
DetailsDEVISERNA7100ANetwork Analyzer, SNA, VNA1 GHz Vector Network Analyzer, 50 ohmPrice $9,895.00
DetailsDEVISERNA7100BNetwork Analyzer, SNA, VNA1 GHz Vector Network Analyzer, 75 ohmPrice $9,895.00
DetailsDEVISERNA7300ANetwork Analyzer, SNA, VNA3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer, 50 ohmPrice $10,995.00
DetailsDEVISERNA7300BNetwork Analyzer, SNA, VNA3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer, 75 ohmPrice $10,995.00

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