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Optical Power Sensor

General description of Optical Power Sensor 's for sale.
An Optical Power Sensor is a diode using photoelectric or photoconductive effects used to measure optical power. Photodiode types include PN-junction and PIN-type photodiodes, as well as avalanche photodiodes, which exhibit an avalanche effect when a reverse-bias voltage is applied and are used as measurement photosensors. Heat-sensitive thermopiles are used for optical power measurements since their sensitivity is unaffected by wavelength.
The three major semiconductor sensor types are Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge) and Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs). They may be used with attenuating elements for high optical power testing, or wavelength selective elements so they only respond to particular wavelengths.
Si detectors tend to saturate at relatively low power levels, and they are only useful in the visible and 850 nm bands.
Ge detectors saturate at the highest power levels, but have poor low power performance, poor general linearity over the entire power range, and are generally temperature sensitive. They provide useful performance over the commonly used 850 / 1300 / 1550 nm wavelength bands
InGaAs detectors saturate at intermediate levels. They offer generally good performance, but are often very wavelength sensitive around 850 nm. So they are largely used for singlemode fiber testing at 1270 - 1650 nm.
An important part of an optical power meter sensor, is the fiber optic connector interface. Careful optical design is required to avoid significant accuracy problems when used with the wide variety of fiber types and connectors typically encountered.

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New Test Equipment Sales

 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeOEM NameList Price
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM81002Optical Power SensorInGaAs Single Optical Power Meter ModulePrice $2,200.00
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM81003Optical Power SensorInGaAs Dual Optical Power Meter ModulePrice $3,400.00
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM81005Optical Power SensorInGaAs Single Optical Power Meter ModulePrice $2,100.00
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM81006Optical Power SensorInGaAs Dual Optical Power Meter ModulePrice $3,200.00
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM83001EOptical Power SensorOptical Power Meter HeadPrice $2,200.00
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM83002Optical Power SensorOptical Power Meter HeadPrice $2,500.00

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