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ILX LIGHTWAVE LDX-3207B Precision Current Source

General description of the used ILX LIGHTWAVE LDX-3207B for sale.
The ILX Lightwave LDX-3207B is a precision current source for laser diodes and LEDs. It is a rack-mountable module designed to be mounted on its own or interlocked with other x-series modules. IT outputs a current ranging from 0 to 200 mA. The source compliance voltage is just over 5 volts. For each degree centigrade, the output deviates by less than 100 ppm. At an output of 100 mA, the noise and ripple are at less than 0.01% rms. The ILX LDX-3207B features a 3-1/2 digit LED display which gives a maximum reading of 199.9 mA with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mA. The displayed reading accuracy is deviated by less than 100 ppm per degree centigrade. Current output can be limit-controlled across the full range of 0 to 200 mA. The current is limited to +/- 1.0 mA, independantly of the output compliance voltage. In addition, a dummy load is not required when operating in current-limit mode, as it does not affect normal output. The current limit setting takes precedence in all modes of operation. The output level of the 3207B is controlled in three manners. The user can manually control the output using the front-panel 10-turn knob, or alternatively using the analog voltage control/modulation input port. With the optional model 1205 GPIB interface, the output can be operated remotely. The modulation input is differential, with a transfer function of 100 mA per volt. The transfer function error is less than 1%. The input bandwidth (when instrument output is 50 mA P-P) is DC to 100 kHz. The IEEE bus implements talker and listener functions, and REN, DCL, LLO, GTL, SDC interface messages. The remote output control resolution is o.05 mA, and the control accuracy is +/- 0.1 mA. Additional information: The suggested warmup period is 1 hour to be at rated accuracy. The available connectors include the output, the isolated binding post , the modulation input, and the differential BNC input.

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