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AGILENT 86038B Photonic Dispersion and Loss Analyzer

General description of the used AGILENT 86038B for sale.
The Agilent 86038B Photonic Dispersion and Loss Analyzer combines speed and accuracy for complete testing of optical fiber and components, providing the ideal instrument for both development and manufacturing. Measurements are based on the industry-standard modulation phase shift method (MPS) and the modular implementation permits customization to test needs. With a single device connection and at the touch of a button, the 86038B measures spectral group delay (GD) and chromatic dispersion (CD), differential group delay (DGD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD), insertion loss or gain (IL) and polarization dependent loss (PDL). In addition, it makes very accurate fiber length measurements. Advanced matrix analysis also provides 2nd-order PMD. The 86038B is available with a range of wavelength options to provide specified measurements over the unprecedented 1260-1640nm wavelength range, based on the Agilent 81600B tunable laser option, and providing up to a 200nm range with a single laser. All parameters can be obtained with fast swept-wavelength measurements.

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117232DE45800122The system consists of: 86038B / N5230 / 83427C / 8164B / 81600B-072-200 (1440 nm to 1640 nm) / Two, 81634B. Includes cables, 30 warranty. QA $450Price $92,650.00

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