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AGILENT DSOX92004A 4 Ch 20 GHz Infiniium Digital Signal Oscilloscope

General description of the used AGILENT DSOX92004A for sale.
The Agilent DSOX92004A 4 Ch 20 GHz Infiniium oscilloscope is engineered for 33 GHz true analog bandwidth that delivers. It comes with more than 15 protocol decoders, including the industry’s only 64/66b decoder. The 90000 X-Series protocol tools feature time-correlated markers that let you easily move between the listing window and the waveform. Protocol tools can be used on up to four lanes simultaneously. A 10 MHz reference clock can be input to or output from the scope to allow precise timebase synchronization with more than one oscilloscope, RF instruments or logic analyzers. Serial data equalization for the 90000 X-Series provides fast and accurate equalization using decision feedback equalization (DFE), feed-forward equalization (FFE), and continuous time linear equalization (CTLE) modeling in real time. Serial data equalization software allows you to input your own self-designated tap values to verify your design. Performance characteristics. Analog bandwidth (-3 dB): 20 GHz (2 channel), 16 GHz (4 channel). Rise time/fall time: 20 ps (10 - 90%), 15 ps (20 - 80%). Input impedance: 50 ohm, ± 3%. Sensitivity: 1 mV/div to 1 V/div. Input coupling: DC. Vertical resolution: 8 bits, >= 12 bits with averaging. DC gain accuracy: ± 2% of full scale at full resolution channel scale (± 2.5% for 5mV/div). Maximum input voltage: ± 5 V. Dynamic range: ± 4 div from center screen. RMS noise floor (scope only): 0.43 V (Volts/div, 10 mV), 30.05 V (Volts/div, 1 V). Main timebase range: 2 ps/div to 20 s/div real-time. Main timebase delay range: -200 s to 200 s real-time. Zoom timebase range: 1 ps/div to current main time scale setting. Channel deskew: ±1 ms range, 10 fs resolution. Time scale accuracy: ± [0.1 ppm (immediately after calibration) ±0.1 ppm/year (aging)]. Maximum real-time sample rate: 40 GSa/s (4 channels simultaneously), 80 GSa/s (2 channels simultaneously). Memory depth per channel Standard: 50 Mpts on 4 channels, 100 Mpts on 2 channels. Display: 12.1-inch color XGA TFT-LCD with touch screen.

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