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JDSU MAPF+1GK0X1FP Tunable Grating Filter MAP Series

General description of the used JDSU MAPF+1GK0X1FP for sale.
The JDSU MAPF+1GK0X1FP Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Tunable Grating Filter Cassette series is a tunable bandpass filter that offers continuous wavelength tuning from 1420 to 1630 nm. It is used for applications requiring low insertion loss (IL), high rejection, narrow bandwidth and wavelength tuning resolution of 0.005 nm. MAP Tunable Grating Filter Cassette is ideal for applications where the user needs to suppress amplified spontaneous emissions (ASE) or isolate specific wavelengths. These applications include amplifier characterization, bit error rate (BER) testing and optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) measurement. The MAP Tunable Grating Filter Cassette is the next generation replacement of the Benchtop Tunable Grating Filter (TB9 series).

Wavelength range: 1420 to 1630 nm.
Optical shape: Gaussian.
-3 dB bandwidth: 0.55 nm ± 15%.
3/20 dB ratio: 0.31 ± 0.05.
Insertion loss (IL): < 4.5 dB (1520 to 1630 nm), < 6.0 dB (1450 to 1630 nm).
Input power: 300 mW.
Return loss (RL): > 45 dB.
Wavelength resolution: 0.005 nm.
Polarization dependent loss (PDL), 1480 to 1630 nm: < 0.3 dB.
Tuning speed: > 5 nm/s.
Peak to average background noise: > 45 dB.
Accuracy: ± 0.2 nm.
Peak search accuracy: < 0.2 dB from output peak power.
Polarization mode dispersion (PMD): < 0.3 ps.
Connector Type: FC/PC.

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