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AGILENT 83433A 10 GB/s Lightwave Transmitter

General description of the used AGILENT 83433A for sale.
The Agilent 83433A lightwave transmitter is based on a lithium niobate modulator driven by an internal CW DFB 1552.52 nm laser. The laser and modulator are inter-connected externally with a PMF fiber. The modulator can also be used with an external laser with polarization maintaining fiber such as the Agilent 8164A, with 81680A option 071. The Agilent 83433A is designed to produce high fidelity, low jitter waveforms for 2.488 Gb/s STM-16/OC-48, 9.953 Gb/s STM-64/OC-192 and other transmission rates up through 10.7 Gb/s. The Agilent 83433A is intended for BER testing with error performance analyzers such as the Agilent 71612B. The Mach-Zehnder modulator is adjusted for a fixed zero chirp. Its output waveform produces a minimum extinction ratio of 12 dB. The internal DFB laser can be modulated at frequencies from 15 kHz to 10 MHz to increase linewidth for SBS suppression or channel identification applications. The internal laser wavelength can be adjusted ±1.25 nm around the 1552.52 center wavelength. The Agilent 83433A can be combined with the Agilent 83434A 10 Gb/s lightwave receiver to create a complete optical link for system or fiber testing, or to form a basis for substitution testing of commercial transmitters and receivers. Specifications. Digital Data Input; Data rate compatibility: 2.4 to 10.7 Gb/s. Amplitude: 0.5 to 1.5 V pk-pk. Return loss: 12 dB minimum (0.1 to 5000 MHz), 9 dB minimum (5000 to 10,700 MHz). Impedance: 50 ohm. Mark density: 45 to 55%. Maximum run of consecutive “ones” or “zeros”: 100 bits. Polarity: non-inverting. Maximum Safe Input Level; Digital data input: 2.0 V pk-pk; +2.0, –2.0 V dc. Low-frequency modulation input: 2.0 V pk-pk. External optical modulator input: +14 dBm. Low-Frequency Modulation Input; Frequency range 3 dB points: 0.015 to 10 MHz. Amplitude for 5% mod index: 0.5 to 1.5 V pk-pk; 1 V pk-pk nominal. Internal Laser Output; CW power: +8.5 to +11.5 dBm; +10 dBm nominal. Wavelength: 1552.42 to 1552.62 nm; 1552.52 nominal. Wavelength adjustment range: –1 to +1 nm. Spectral width at –20 dBc (Full Width Half Maximum): 10 MHz maximum. Side-mode suppression ratio: 30 dB minimum. Optical Modulator Input; Wavelength: 1530 to 1565 nm. Optical power input: +2 to +12 dBm. Input return loss: 27 dB minimum.

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