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AGILENT 8509C Lightwave Polarization Analyzer

General description of the used AGILENT 8509C for sale.
The Agilent 8509C lightwave polarization analyzer offers high-speed, calibrated polarization measurements of both optical signals and components. Measurement capabilities include; Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL), Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF) launch alignment (polarization cross talk), Degree of Polarization (DOP), Stokes Parameters and Average power measurements.

Wide wavelength range: 1280-1640 nm S, C and L band coverage.
Polarization mode dispersion accuracy: ±0.05ps (50fs).
Polarization mode dispersion measurement range: 0.01 ps (10 fs) to 400 ps, measure very low PMD using the highly accurate Jones Matrix Eigenanalysis (JME) method. PMD measurements can also be made using the Fixed Analyzer (or wavelength scanning) method.
Wide dynamic range: +10 dBm to -55 dBm.
High-speed measurements: Polarization measurement rate of > 3500 points per second.

Receiver Characteristics.
Wavelength operating range: 1280nm to 1640nm.
PMD measurement range: <0.01 ps (10 fs) to 400 ps (depends on setup conditions).
Input power operating range: +10 dBm to -55 dBm.
Input average power damage level: +16 dBm.
Average power measurement linearity: ±0.06 dB.
Average power measurement uncertainty: ±15%.
Degree of polarization measurement;
  1280 nm to 1340 nm ±2.0%,
  1470 nm to 1580 nm ±2.0%,
  1580 nm to 1630 nm ±3.0%,
  1630 nm to 1640 nm ±5.0%.
Polarization state measurement rate: >3500 per second.
Polarization state display update rate: >3500 per second.
Return loss: -50 dB.

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