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ANRITSU MP1570A SONET/SDH/ PDH/ATM Analyzer Mainframe

General description of the used ANRITSU MP1570A for sale.
The Anritsu MP1570A SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer Mainframe is designed for development, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and inspection of SDH, SONET, PDH, and ATM equipment and networks. A variety of plug-in units and options are available that offer the flexibility to the users to configure various analysis systems for different applications. The MP1570A is scalable from 1.5 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, and has six slots to install the plug-in units required for SDH and SONET tests at bit different rates. Installing the appropriate combinations of plug-in units can also perform ATM, jitter and wander tests conform to ITU-T O.171/O.172. The MP1570A conforms to the ITU-T recommendations and Bellcore standards, and supports concatenation mapping, tandem connection, APS measurement, CID measurement and pos measurement. The user can measure 1.5 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s signals using a single MP1570A. It has a built-in printer and a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive as standard output devices to print measurement results, and to save and read measurement data to and from the floppy disk (FD), which can also be read on an external PC. The user can also save screen data to the FD. The MP1570A has a "HELP" key function that explains operations, functions and connections. The MP1570A conforms to ITU-T Rec. G.703 (2, 8, 34, 139, 1.5, and 45 Mbit/s), G.703 and G.958 (52, 156, 622, 2,488, and 9,953 Mbit/s), and allows the user to select plug-in units for different applications, including SONET, SDH, ATM, jitter and wander tests. The MP1570A can generate and detect CID patterns (ITU-T Rec. G.958), Tandem Connection patterns (ITU-T Rec. G.707), and Non-frame patterns. Also, APS switching time testing (ITU-T Rec. G.707, G.783, and G.842), Overhead testing and Alarm detection are supported. The MP1570A can measure received frequencies and display measurement results in a graph. If an optical interface plug-in unit is installed, the MP1570A can measure the absolute and relative values of the optical power.

-01, RS-232C.
-02, GPIB.
-03, Ethernet.
-04, VGA output.
-06, MUX/DEMUX (2/8/34/139 Mbit/s) For MP0121A.
-07, MUX/DEMUX (1.5/45 Mbit/s) For MP0122A/B.
-08, 45M-2M MUX/DEMUX Requires MP0121A and MP0122A/B.
-09 Japan mapping Requires MP0122A or MP0122B.
-10 SDH. -11, SONET.
-13, Frame memory capture (156M/622M) 64 frame.
-14, IP-over-SONET/SDH Requires option of frame memory/capture.
-15, IP-over-ATM Requires MP0123A.
-22 K1/K2 overwrite through.

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