Megohmmeter Calibration and Repair Service



Our prices for Megohmmeter calibration service range from:
$150.00 to $500.00
A Megohmmeter (sometimes referred to as a megger) is a type of ohmmeter used to measure the electrical resistance of insulators. Insulating components, for example cable jackets, must be tested for their insulation strength at the time of commissioning and as part of maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment and installations. For this purpose megohmmeters, which can provide high DC voltages (typically in ranges from 500V to 5000V) at specified current capacity, are used. Acceptable insulator resistance values are typically 1 to 10 megohms, depending on the standards referenced. Megohmmeter's can have voltages as high as 15,000VDC and measure resistances in the 300,000M Ohm range.

At Custom-Cal we know OEM Megohmmeter calibration services are generally rigid in their turnaround time and scope of calibration. That is why we take pride in our ability to follow rigid procedures but what differentiates us is our willingness to meet your business goals. We can perform specific portions of the calibration based on your quality requirements enabling us to strike the optimal balance between quality objectives and cost. This is accomplished through the use of our proprietary procedures and integrated processes.

Custom-Cal also offers on-site Megohmmeter calibration service and expedited services to meet the needs of our customers. The instruments listed below are a sample of what we calibrate and can possibly repair.

Megohmmeter Calibration Services Featured Instruments (Sample of what we calibrate)
 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeCalibration Type, Price
Details3M701Test Kit for Static Control SurfaceStandard Calibration $150.00
DetailsAEMC10151000V True MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC10261000V Handheld MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC1030500V Handheld MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC1035500V Handheld MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC1039100V Handheld MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC10401000V Handheld MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC10451000V Handheld MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC50505000V Digital/Analog MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC50605000V Digital/Analog Megohmmeter, RS-232Standard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC50705000V Graphical Megohmmeter / Insulation TesterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC65055000V Digital/Analog MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAEMC65271000V Handheld Digital MegohmmeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-1500V Handheld Analog Megohmmeter / Insulation TesterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-2500V Handheld Analog Megohmmeter / Insulation TesterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-251000V Handheld Digital Megohmmeter / Insulation ResistanceStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-3500V Handheld Analog Megohmmeter / Insulation ResistanceStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-451000V Handheld Digital Megohmmeter / Insulation ResistanceStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-4D1000V Handheld Digital Megohmmeter / Insulation ResistanceStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsAMPROBEAMB-6DMEGATEST 1000 Digital Megohmmeter / Insulation ResistanceStandard Calibration $325.00
*This is a Web introductory price for one Megohmmeter calibration. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration. Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit.