RF Power Meter Calibration and Repair Service

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RF Power Meter

Our prices for RF Power Meter calibration service range from:
$90.00 to $625.00
An RF Power Meter is an instrument which measures the electrical power at RF / microwave frequencies. This power can be Average or Peak. A typical RF power meter can consist of a measuring head which contains the actual power sensing element, connected via a cable to the meter proper or a mainframe that accepts plug-in modules and/or power heads. The head may be referred to as a power sensor or mount. Different power sensors can be used for different frequencies or power levels. Power meters generally report the power in dBm (decibels relative to 1 milliwatt), dBW (decibels relative to 1 watt) or watts. Historically the means of operation in most power sensor and meter combinations was that the sensor would convert the microwave power into an analogue voltage which would be read by the meter and converted into a power reading. Several modern power sensor heads contain electronics to create a digital output and can be plugged via USB into a PC which acts as the power meter.

At Custom-Cal we know OEM RF Power Meter calibration services are generally rigid in their turnaround time and scope of calibration. That is why we take pride in our ability to follow rigid procedures but what differentiates us is our willingness to meet your business goals. We can perform specific portions of the calibration based on your quality requirements enabling us to strike the optimal balance between quality objectives and cost. This is accomplished through the use of our proprietary procedures and integrated processes.

Custom-Cal also offers on-site RF Power Meter calibration service and expedited services to meet the needs of our customers. The instruments listed below are a sample of what we calibrate and can possibly repair.

RF Power Meter Calibration Services Featured Instruments (Sample of what we calibrate)
 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeCalibration Type, Price
DetailsAGILENT435BAnalog RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $150.00
DetailsAGILENT436ADigital RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $105.00
DetailsAGILENT437BSingle-channel Average RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $90.00
DetailsAGILENT438ADual-Ch Digital RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTE4416AEPM Single-Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTE4417AEPM Dual-Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTE4418ASingle-Channel EPM-Series Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTE4418BEPM Single-Channel Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTE4419ADual-Channel EPM Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTE4419BEPM Dual-Channel Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTN1911ASingle-Channel P-Series Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTN1912ADual-Channel P-Series Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTN1913AEPM Single-Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsAGILENTN1914AEPM Dual-Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $275.00
DetailsANRITSUML2408A2 Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsANRITSUML2437ASingle Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsANRITSUML2438A2 Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsANRITSUML2487BSingle Channel Wideband RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsANRITSUML2488A2 Channel RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $325.00
DetailsANRITSUML2488B2 Channel Wideband RF Power MeterStandard Calibration $325.00
*This is a Web introductory price for one RF Power Meter calibration. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration. Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit.