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Communication Analyzer

General description of used Communication Analyzer 's for sale.
Communication Analyzer is a general term for data communication and telecommunication test equipment. Communication Analyzers help design communication products as well as test, monitor, troubleshoot, and eliminate operational problems on a network.
Communication Analyzers include:
- Protocol Analyzers for testing Packet over SONET/SDH, Frame Relay, ISDN, X.25, X.75, X.21, frame relay, SMDS, HDLC, SDLC, SNA, Sync/Async PPP, ATM-DXI and encapsulated LAN protocols running over the wide area network, also ISDN BRI and PRI, T1, J2, E1, E3, T3 (DS3), STM-1e/EC-3, ATM25 and UTP155.
- Broadband Analyzers that provide physical layer and protocol test solutions for all layers, including the ATM, the ATM daptation Layer (AAL), and the broadband services.
- LAN Analyzers for stress testing applications and for isolating and solving wiring problems on multiple LAN and WAN technologies, including 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring, and ARCNET, ATM, Frame Relay, and Packet over SONET.


Current available inventory of used Communication Analyzer's for Purchase. Please check the box of the one(s) you would like to buy.

PurchaseCC IDManufacturermodelOEM NameDescriptionInstrument NotesSale Price
132420AEROFLEX-IFR2945BWireless Communications Service MonitorCalibration $805.00Price $7,600
122372AGILENT37717CCommunications Performance Analyzer, SDH/PDH/ATM Test SetOption UKK, Calibration $550Price $3,850
106511AGILENT37718AOmniBER 718 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 011, 106, 601, 602Price $2,200
108964AGILENT37718AOmniBER 718 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 011, 206, 601, 602Price $2,500
103671AGILENT37718AOmniBER 718 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 012, 106, 601 includes calPrice $2,250
103672AGILENT37718AOmniBER 718 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 011, 206, 601, 602 Includes CalPrice $2,500
103673AGILENT37718AOmniBER 718 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 001, 012, 104 includes calPrice $1,800
103702AGILENT37718AOmniBER 718 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 012, 104, 601 Includes CalPrice $2,200
118716AGILENT37719AOmniBER 719 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 013 /104/ 601 / 610, Calibration $650Price $2,400
117109AGILENT83433A10 GB/s Lightwave TransmitterCalibration $550Price $5,850
121810AGILENT86100AInfinium DCA Wide-Bandwidth OscilloscopeCalibration $525Price $7,500
114265AGILENT86100AInfinium DCA Wide-Bandwidth OscilloscopeCalibration $225Price $8,500
104101AGILENTJ1407AOmniBER 720 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 104, 601, 602Price $1,400
104102AGILENTJ1407AOmniBER 720 Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 002, 104, 601Price $1,400
118301AGILENTJ7230AOmniBER OTN Communications Performance AnalyzerOptions 004, 106, 112, 510, 609, 211, Calibration $625 Price $6,500
118143AGILENTJ7231BOmniBER OTN Jitter AnalyzerOptions 004, 100, 108, 609, 210, Has J7272A retro kit, Calibration $625Price $10,500
118092ANRITSUMP1570ASONET/SDH/ PDH/ATM Analyzer MainframeIncludes 1ea MU150010A and MU150011APrice $10,000
117990ANRITSUMP1632C3.2 GHz Digital Data AnalyzerOptions 01, 03, Calibration $950Price $10,500
106297ANRITSUMP1656APortable STM-16 AnalyzerContact for DetailsPrice $1,500
143098TEKTRONIXCSA8200Communications Signal Analyzer MainframeCalibration $225Price $3,200
143099TEKTRONIXCSA8200Communications Signal Analyzer MainframeCalibration $225Price $3,200
104228TEKTRONIXST2400STM-16 2.4 Gbit/s SDH / SONET Test SetCalibration $375Price $1,500
104200TEKTRONIXST2400A2.4 Gb/s SDH / SONET Test SetContact for DetailsPrice $1,500
104203TEKTRONIXST2400A2.4 Gb/s SDH / SONET Test SetCalibration $375Price $1,500
104221TEKTRONIXST2400A2.4 Gb/s SDH / SONET Test SetCalibration $375Price $1,500
104223TEKTRONIXST2400A2.4 Gb/s SDH / SONET Test SetCalibration $375Price $1,500
104224TEKTRONIXST2400A2.4 Gb/s SDH / SONET Test SetCalibration $375Price $1,500

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