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Pattern Generator

General description of used Pattern Generator 's for sale.
A digital pattern generator is a piece of test equipment used to generate a digital electrical waveform varying between two conventional voltages that correspond to two logic states (‘low state’ and ‘high state’, ‘0’ and ‘1’). The main purpose of a digital pattern generator is to stimulate the inputs of a digital electronic device. For that reason, the voltage levels generated by a digital pattern generator are often compatible with digital electronics I/O standards – TTL, LVTTL, LVCMOS and LVDS, for instance.

Digital pattern generators are sometimes referred to as ‘pulse generator’ or ‘pulse pattern generator’ which may be able to function as digital pattern generators as well. A digital pattern generator is a source of synchronous digital stimulus; the generated signal is interesting for testing digital electronics at logic level - this is why they are also called 'logic source'. A pulse generator is of purpose to generate electrical pulse of different shapes; they are mostly used for tests at an electrical or analog level. Another common name for such equipment is 'digital logic source' or 'logic source'.

Digital pattern generator can produce either repetitive, or single-shot signals in which case some kind of triggering source is required (internal or external).


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PurchaseCC IDManufacturermodelOEM NameDescriptionInstrument NotesSale Price
113910ADVANTESTD318612 GHz Pulse Pattern GeneratorCalibration $650Price $6,500
117984ADVANTESTD318612 GHz Pulse Pattern GeneratorCalibration $625Price $6,000
105443ANRITSUMP1758A12.5 GHz Pulse Pattern GeneratorCalibration $550Price $50,000
118045ANRITSUMP1763BPulse Pattern GeneratorCalibration $550Price $15,000
134145ANRITSUMU181020A12.5 Gbit/s Pattern Generator ModuleCalibration $525, Options 001, 010Price $8,500
134146ANRITSUMU181020A12.5 Gbit/s Pattern Generator ModuleCalibration $525, Options 001, 010Price $8,500

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